HypnoMillionaire – Lesson 4

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Welcome to HypnoMillionaire, Lesson 4

This lesson is a short lesson. But nonetheless it’s a very important one. Today I’ll talk about number two of the list of three important items you definitely need when you want to become richer or wealthier. I’m talking about Money Management!

What is Money Management?

money-management-2Money management is a strategic technique to manage your money well. Every financially rich person uses a certain way to manage their money. No financially wealthy person would throw their money on a pile to just see what happens. Money has to be managed, or else you might lose it or unwanted things might happen.

In fact, a Money Management system is NEEDED to let the amount of money grow. And it all boils down to a form of structure, order and neatness when it comes to money.

A lot of people have a negative money mindset and see money as a necessary evil. With such view they don’t see the point in managing their money and they will not have a lot of it. They don’t realize that having a good money mindset combined with a good money management system will lead to more money.

They will often say that they don’t have much money, so there’s not much to manage. Without realizing it, they’re putting the cart before the horse where it would be way better to start using a decent and reliable money management system right now, even if you have little money.

Having a good money mindset and a good system to manage your money well go hand in hand.

  • If you have a good, or rich money mindset without a proper money management system, you are actually risking losing money.
  • If you have a poor money mindset and you use a Money Management system, you won’t be able to attract more money.

But when you have a rich money mindset AND a sound Money Management system, woohoo… You will create a lot of money and you will make sure that it multiplies in time and be happy about it too!

Be Happy?

losing-moneyJust imagine, you reprogram your mind into a Millionaire Mind and you lose all the money because you don’t know how to handle it the right way?

Well, many people don’t know how to handle a lot of money. What if you look at your online bank statement at the end of the day and you see that today you’ve earned $ 28,465.78, while knowing you risk losing it all!

I can assure you that the more money you have, the more stress you’ll have IF YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO HANDLE MONEY.

People are afraid all the time of losing their hard earned money, but the fact is that this fear comes from deep within. It’s the fear of losing money, because there are ‘things’ they don’t know.

On the other hand:

If you
DO know how to handle money,

you can really enjoy all the benefits of
living an abundant, wealthy life,
FREE from any stress or fear!


Why is Money Management important?

A human being is not just a physical body, but is made out of more parts. There are four parts that are important when it comes to good Money Management. These four parts are:

  • Your Emotional part
  • Your Mental part
  • Your Spiritual part
  • Your Physical part

Each of these four parts has their particular wants and needs, therefore each part must have a piece of the benefit to keep it satisfied.

Question: Do you know the phenomenon where you have a feeling that from somewhere inside you are being stopped?
Answer: In many cases this is caused by an unconscious block, resulting from one of the four parts of you being dissatisfied.

Money Management takes this into account. Even more so, the system I use myself is based on the principle that every part has to be satisfied in a certain way. Because if that isn’t the case, chances are that ‘some’ part, or parts of you will dug its heels in when it comes to earning money.

dividing-moneyManaging money in fact boils down to dividing all the incoming money in a certain smart way, even if it’s not much.

The moment you start dividing every incoming penny, dime, nickel, dollar, euro, or whatever currency you use, in the right way, the gates to more money will be wide open. So that’s why managing your money, even if it’s not much, is important!

The next and final lesson is going to be super interesting, because I will talk about a Rock Solid proven way to make a lot of money. And with that I mean A LOT of money. How about if I told you that you can make up to 30,000 dollars every day? Well, it’s true!

Okay, you won’t make that kind of money on your first day, but there are more people than you can image who actually make these amounts of money within 3 months after they started using this system. And the good thing is, it’s reliable and safe and you don’t have to invest tons of money upfront.


I’ll see you in the next lesson, where I will explain this crazy Money Making system!

Michel Lejeune
HypnoMillionaire &
Int. Cert. Clinical Hypnotherapist

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