HypnoMillionaire – Lesson 3

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Welcome to HypnoMillionaire, Lesson 3

In the previous lesson of the HypnoMillionaire eCourse I talked about how crucial it is that you first remove all subconscious money blocks from your mind, if you want to become rich and live a wealthier life. I also told you that there is one ‘tool’ we can use to quickly eliminate all of your money blocks and I offered a great test to see if hypnosis will work for you.

can-you-be-hypnotized-smallTake the Hypnosis Test

So let’s start with this hypnosis test. This is a professional free test developed by the Harvard University. The results will show you how open you are to hypnosis and if hypnosis can help you eliminate all money blocks from your subconscious mind.

Click here for this awesome quick free hypnosis test!

And then… when you have successfully eliminated all of your subconscious money blocks, it’s time to import the 6 Millionaire Skills into your subconscious mind that enables you to actually Think and Act like a Millionaire. Do you remember the formula BTEAR I talked about in a previous lesson?

The formula that explains how your thoughts trigger emotions, and how your emotions trigger your actions, and how your actions produce certain results?


The skills as explained below will help you tremendously in finding and creating unlimited huge money making ideas and opportunities and convert them into cash!

Money Making Super Creativity
money-making-ideasMillionaires and other rich people have HUGE creative minds when it comes to having money making ideas. I’ll help you create a ‘golden secret room’ in your mind where only successful, money making ideas are born and tested, even before you lift a single finger. You’ll have an abundance of super money making ideas that you only need to act upon. Everything you see started once as an idea, so let your ideas be the most profitable.

Unstoppable Drive
unstoppable-driveAll Millionaires have a burning passion, an unstoppable drive that comes from within. They use this drive to convert their super money making ideas into cold hard cash. With the help of easy and fast hypnosis you can have the exact same drive and passion imported into your subconscious, so that your ideas will start to generate tons of money for you right away!

Rock Solid Self Belief
rock-solid-self-beliefDid you know that Millionaires never doubt their own capacities? They set their very own course. Of course they listen to good advice, while at the same time they have a Rock Solid self belief. I will help you develop your very own millionaire vision and a rock solid belief in your capacities, really fast! You’ll see that your ideas and plans will skyrocket!

Laser Focus
laser-focusIf you are working on more than one thing at the same time, you are not focused. This makes it hard to achieve goals. I will help you to become super productive because I’ll teach you on a subconscious level how to focus your energy on one specific task at the same time. You’ll be amazed at what you will realize. Can you already see your bank account filling up?

persistenceDreaming about your future success is an important part of holding on to and maintaining your vision but must be accompanied by self-discipline and a good attitude towards work. With hypnosis I’ll help you develop this right mindset so that you’re made of the ‘right stuff’ to be a millionaire. You will have the vision, you will prioritize, you will be persistent … and the profit will be yours!

optimismEveryone has moments that things are not working out as planned and feel bad about it. However, a millionaire is always optimistic and has the resilience to keep going! Do you want to be a millionaire? This is the finishing touch! Optimism, motivation and resilience combined with the guts to take intelligent risks … creates a perfect Millionaire profile. Your new profile!


Remember that this looks like an awful lot of things, right? But the fact is that hypnosis works really fast. All of this reprogramming work can be done in less than a week. You can reprogram your mind by eliminating money blocks and installing these new skills literally in days and a complete new world will become visible to you! The world of the rich! Your new world.

I’m not saying that this is the only recipe to create a true millionaire mind that works for you, but I know this is a proven, fast way to adjust your subconscious mind towards becoming wealthy.

And when you combine this with proper Money Management and a proven system that actually generates thousands of dollars every single day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks per year, you will thank yourself for having a true Millionaire Mind.

So, I’ll see you in the next lesson, where I will explain Money Management!

Michel Lejeune
HypnoMillionaire &
Int. Cert. Clinical Hypnotherapist

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