HypnoMillionaire – Lesson 2

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Welcome to HypnoMillionaire, Lesson 2

In the first lesson of the HypnnoMillionaire eCourse I talked about how your brain works. I explained that you have a subconscious and a conscious mind and that the (financial) results/situations you have in your life are based on your subconscious programming.

In this lesson we’ll go a bit deeper and I will give you some examples of negative money mind programming, that all poor and mediocre people suffer from. It’s this negative money programming that’s the root cause for poor financial results in your life.

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Before I continue, did you know that we have developed a FREE Professional Financial Mindset Test? With this free test you can quickly find out how your subconscious mind, the root of your financial results, has been programmed.

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WHY does a negative money mindset result in a poor or mediocre life?

negative-money-mindsetWealthy people have an attitude to take responsibility for shaping their lives. They know better than anyone else that they themselves fully define their lives. If you have no control over your own life and believe that your life is determined by external factors, then your financial success is also not determined by yourself. YOU are the one that creates your own rich/mediocre/poor world.

And that’s a good thing, because it means you don’t need other people to achieve your goals of financial success and wealth!

After I discovered the fact that there are proven methods to achieve financial wealth, I wanted to know whether these methods are reproducible in a certain way. In other words, would it be possible for anyone to use these methods successfully? The answer to that question was yes, but…

When I give a 100% proven money making system to someone with a poor money mindset, they will fail making money with it. The same principle applies to lotto winners with a poor money mindset. When they win a lot of money, they always find a way (subconsciously) to lose the money quickly. It’s their poor money mindset ensuring they won’t make money or they’ll just lose their money as fast as possible.

On the other hand, if you take away a millionaire’s money, they will find a way to recoup their money quickly. This happened to the famous millionaire Donald Trump. He lost all of his money and got it all back (and a lot more) in a relatively short time. Now he’s a Billionaire!

So the answer is yes, but… if you have a rich money mindset!

You need what rich people have in common

During my research it became clear to me that rich and successful people have a lot of common characteristics. These are the so called preconditions that they unconsciously, and as a result consciously, use again and again. And this set of preconditions result in a certain blueprint! A financial blueprint.

recipe-for-successTo reproduce financial wealth, it’s a very good idea to ‘import’ these preconditions into your own subconscious mind, because they are the secret recipe for success!

I have analyzed and mapped out these preconditions and created a reproducible blueprint. If you want to know more about these preconditions and how you can import them into your own blueprint then stay with me.

In other words:

  • Negative Money Programming (as most of the people have) and negative beliefs about money, work on a subconscious level and block money from coming in.
  • If more money is about to be earned, your subconscious mind will frustrate and sabotage this!
  • If you suddenly have more money than you’re subconsciously comfortable with, your subconscious mind will ‘help’ you lose the money fast.

That’s why it’s crucial that you remove all money blocks from your subconscious mind first.

Here’s a list of negative and positive money thinking patterns. If you can relate to one or more of the negative thinking patterns, you have a money block active in your subconscious mind.

Some Money Thinking Patterns

Poor people

(negative money thinking)
Rich people

(positive money thinking)
They think “Life happens to me” They think “I create my own life”
They blame others of their situation They take full responsibility for their situation
They justify that they don’t have money They don’t justify
They think money is not important They think money is very important
They hate money They love money
They think money is bad or evil They see money for what is it, a means of exchange
They think money corrupts people They know money is just money
They think money is the root of all evil They think money is just money
They complain about not having money They don’t complain. They take action to solve any situation
They see themselves as a victim of their situation They never see themselves as a victim of their situation
They don’t know that they can create a rich world for themselves They know that they can create a rich world for themselves
They don’t have financial goals They have clear and strong financial goals
They focus on just having enough money to come by They focus on becoming rich
They focus on lack of wealth They focus on wealth
They want to be rich They are committed to becoming rich
They think small They think big
They focus on problems and obstacles They focus on opportunities
They don’t like rich people and say things like “filthy rich” or “rich bastard” They admire other rich and successful people
They associate with negative, unsuccessful, poor people They associate with positive, successful, rich people
They don’t like to promote themselves or what they have to offer They love to promote themselves or what they have to offer
They don’t like to sell They love to sell
They see problems bigger as themselves They see themselves bigger as problems
They are poor receivers They are excellent receivers
They choose to be paid based on time They choose to be paid based on results
They think “either-or” They think “both”
They focus on their working income They focus on their net worth
They mismanage their money well They manage their money well

This list is not complete, otherwise it would be a pretty long list, but you might get the idea. If you relate to any item in the left column, please read on…

How to clear money blocks that keep me from gaining financial wealth?

There are a number of techniques to clear money blocks out of your system and we will focus on the fastest and easiest way to achieve this: Hypnosis!

hypnosisBecause I am an expert in the field of the human subconscious mind and internationally certified clinical hypnotherapist, I have done hundreds of experiments with hypnosis and I’ve helped tens of thousands of people worldwide, solving issues that have their root cause in the subconscious mind.

And it’s true. Hypnosis is the fastest and most comfortable way to deal quickly with all negative money blocks in your brain and ‘import’ a new set of preconditions: A True Millionaire Mind Programming.

Hypnosis works fast, is very safe, and you don’t have to learn anything.

And then… yesafter hypnosis, if you would take the aforementioned Professional Financial Mindset Test again, or look at the list of Money blocks above, you’d feel that it is different now. You will KNOW that the blocks are removed and money can come in easily.

And this is an important point, because now the gates to big money swings wide open, allowing more wealth in your life.

If your money mindset is adjusted well and set to think rich, you simply will become rich. It’s a universal law! So why not adjust your money mindset the right way? It’s the first of three steps to actually become as wealthy as you want!

Remember the three steps to become rich and live a wealthy life?

  • Step 1 is erasing all money blocks from your subconscious mind and ‘import’ a new set of money supportive thoughts. This is the most important step.
  • Step 2 is learning how to handle any amount of money the right way. You may start small and use the exact same money management principle, when you make thousands of dollars each and every day.
  • Step 3 is an 100% proven system that actually brings in thousands of dollars on a daily basis.

exclamation-mark-goldIn the next lesson I’ll have a great hypnosis test for you, developed by the Harvard University. With this test you will know if you can be hypnotized to remove all money blocks from your subconscious mind quickly and comfortably.

I will also talk about the 6 Millionaire Skills you will import in your subconscious mind that enables you to actually Think and Act like a Millionaire. These skills will help you tremendously in finding and creating unlimited huge money making opportunities.

After I’ve told you everything you need to know to master step 1, I’ll talk about step 2, Money Management and step 3, which is the most exciting: actually making as much money as you want with a proven system!

So stay tuned and I’ll see you in the next lesson!

Michel Lejeune
HypnoMillionaire &
Int. Cert. Clinical Hypnotherapist

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