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Welcome to HypnoMillionaire, Lesson 1

In this first lesson I’ll start with some statistics and background information. But first I want to tell you that rich and wealthy people really think different about money and money related issues. Poor people often have money-blocking thoughts, where wealthy people have money-supporting thoughts.

Poor-Mindset-VS.-Wealthy-Mindset-300x208For example: poor people think there’s a limited supply of money and when you have more of it, someone else is going to suffer. Rich people know that there is more than enough money for everyone.

Another example is that poor people think money is bad or evil. This is not true. Money is just money. It’s stuff you need if you want to buy things or pay bills.

Money is not bad, nor good. It has nothing to do with good or bad. It’s just a means of exchange.

I am sure you can think of many other negative things where we ‘blame’ money for whatever happens.

Some statistics and background information

dollarsDid you know that only 1% of the global population owns at least 96% of all wealth? That means that of the roughly 7 billion people, only 70 million people have this 96% percent! And did you know that the rich are always getting richer and the poor get poorer? How is this possible? Is this a coincidence?

To find out more about this matter, I’ve done extensive research about obtaining financial wealth and success. I wanted to know if there are certain ‘methods’ that lead to wealth, and whether these methods are easy to reproduce. How do the rich do it? I wondered, if you give a poor person the method a rich person uses, would they get the same results or not?

To find answers to my questions, I’ve studied the behavior of many millionaires and poor people. And guess what, the results are stunningly simple.

In addition, I spoke to successful people and I took courses and seminars myself. I attended many lectures and being an internationally certified clinical hypnotherapist since 2006, I’ve helped tens of thousands of people worldwide achieve their (financial) goals.

Finally, I was able to put the pieces together and the result of my work, is what you have here.

Striking Fact

One of the most striking things in investigating the wealthy among us is that factors such as ‘chance’ and ‘luck’ have nothing to do with becoming wealthy. Of course, a few lucky people win the lottery by accident, but the millionaires I investigated had build their wealth in a different way. I discovered that there are indeed proven ways to become rich!

dollar-magnifyingFor years, millionaires and other successful people have been studied and their methods have been analyzed, with the aim to find out how they have become so successful and rich!

And all of the methods they use have similarities. And if you take these similarities and apply them to whatever system you have, you will become successful and wealthy with that system.

So it’s not about coincidentally running into the right people at the right time, and so on. No, nothing like that.

Financial wealth is a logical consequence of certain principles, beliefs, actions and reactions to certain situations.

Let me repeat that last sentence, because it’s an important one!

Financial wealth is a logical consequence of certain principles, beliefs, actions and reactions to certain situations.

If you think about that, you will quickly discover that ‘principles’, ‘beliefs’ and ‘actions’ drill down to your way of thinking.

And if you take it one step deeper, you’ll find that it’s the way your mind has been programmed that makes you think a certain way. So why are people thinking the thoughts they think?

The human mind in a nutshell

IcebergEveryone has a brain. And let’s assume that everything that’s going on in your brain, all of your brain activity equals 100%.

Roughly spoken, everyone has two parts in the brain. And no, I’m not talking about the two hemispheres, the two halves of the brain. I’m talking about the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. And let’s just assume that both of them make up 100% of the brain activity.

What scientists have discovered is that this conscious part of you only makes up 5% of the total brain activity. The subconscious part takes the rest, which is about 95%!


What’s the subconscious mind?

Well, you can see it like this.tree

When you take a tree, for example, this tree has two parts. A visible part and an invisible part. The invisible part is hidden from the eye because these are the roots. They are in the ground while the visible part of the tree grow leafs and fruits.

You can compare the visible part of the tree to your conscious mind. This is your OUTER WORLD.

And then you can compare the invisible part of the tree to your subconscious mind. This is your INNER WORLD.

Now people start complaining about the fruits, they’re not big enough, there’s not enough of them and they start to focus on the fruits. But no matter what you do, focusing on the fruits won’t make them bigger and more beautiful. This is because the root cause of the problem lies hidden in the invisible world, the INNER WORLD. Maybe the ground is too dry or not fertile enough.

It’s your INNER WORLD, your subconscious mind that creates the fruits, which are the results, in your life. If you start to focus on your subconscious mind and fertilize that part, reprogram that part, help that part, as a result, your OUTER WORLD, your financial results will improve.

Another way of understanding the human subconscious mind is comparing it to a huge computer database. It stores (and has stored) everything you’ve ever heard, seen, experienced and connects these pieces of data with each other. It creates a blueprint for your thinking and acting and your results … in your real physical life.

Thinking is a conscious process that has its roots in the subconscious mind. So it’s basically your subconscious ‘programming’ that makes you think the way you think.

Did you know there’s a simple formula to show you how your brain works?


It means this:

  1. Your Blueprint (this is your complete collection of stored data in the subconscious mind) is the source of your thinking process.
  2. Your Thinking triggers your Emotions.
    (Just think of something nice, and you will feel better. Think of the unpaid bills and you feel bad)
  3. Your Emotions trigger the Actions you take.
    (When something feels bad, you won’t do it, and when it feels great, you are likely to take that action)
  4. Your Actions will generate certain Results.
  5. The Results are what you get in your life, and that includes your financial results.

Do you understand this formula BTEAR? The principle is this:

When you change a little bit in your Blueprint, your Thinking will be different too. Then your Emotions will change a bit and your Actions will be different as well. Finally, because your actions change, your Results will be different as well.

Now go back to the three steps I talked about in my email to you. Do you remember step 1 of the three steps I told you about, that are necessary if you want to be more wealthy?

Let me repeat these three steps again:

think-differentStep 1 – You need to learn how to think different
Wealthy people think ‘rich’, so you must ‘rewire’ your subconscious mind, which basically means change a little bit in your Blueprint. Without this step, you will never be able to generate much money, and if you do by accident, i.e. winning the lottery, you will lose it quickly. This first step is the most important step.


money-managementStep 2 – You need a sound Money Management System
Without proper money management, your wealth will never grow. This is an extension of your new money mindset from step 1, combined with very specific money management knowledge.


make-moneyStep 3 – Now you’re ready to Make Money
If you have a rich mindset and you know how to handle large amounts of money, it’s time to actually start generating money. This final step involves a proven system that I use myself, that enables you to generate (lots of) money.


So first we need to focus on step 1, the thinking process. In the next lesson I will explain:

  1. How exactly do rich people think different about money?
  2. How do you actually start to think like a rich person?
  3. What’s the best method to start thinking different about money?
  4. How fast does this method work?
  5. What to expect when I start to think different about money?

The fact is that wealthy people think different about money. If you want to become wealthy as well, you must start to think about money the way they do. As soon as you start to think like the rich and wealthy, you are already half on your way to becoming rich and wealthy too. Especially when you know how to manage your money, let it grow exponentially and have a system that brings in money on demand every day.

And the best part is, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or woman, if you have a good income or if you are completely broke right now, if you are young or old, or whatever. Just rewire your brain with the method I’m going to teach you and YOU WILL GET RESULTS FAST!

I’ll see you in the next lesson!

Michel Lejeune
HypnoMillionaire &
Int. Cert. Clinical Hypnotherapist


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