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arrow-freezingSo, you took the Financial Mindset Test and your financial mindset is FREEZING!

As I told you in my e-mail, it’s nothing to worry about, because it’s just how your mind has been programmed. It’s not your fault and even a freezing financial mindset can be changed into a cooking hot one fast. Because that’s what you need if you want to become wealthier, or even a millionaire.

Maybe you’re dreaming of a new car. Not a used one, but a brand new one! A lovely house, a nice long holiday where you can take the people that you love. And how about having all debts paid off? How nice would it be if you can do all of those great things, and you can pay for everything in cash!

Welcome to the rich, wealthy life. How great would your new life be? It’s a dream, right?

However, if you leave your financial mindset to its current frozen state, nothing will change and your dreams will be a dreams forever.

So why not make your dreams come true?

You know, making money always starts with how you think about money and all related issues, and guess what. Your money thoughts are driven by your financial mindset


But who am I to tell you all of this?

As you probably know, my name is Michel Lejeune and I’m a internationally certified clinical hypnotherapist. I have helped tens of thousands of people worldwide changing their mindsets, financial mindsets and so much more. But we’re talking about money, getting richer, wealthier, even becoming a millionaire and how you can go form where you are right now to living the life you want and be completely financially free.

And let’s be honest, first things first. If you want to have more money in your life you need to start by unfreezing your financial mindset first.

Because if you don’t, you can do or try anything to make more money and nothing will succeed. Why? Because it’s your subconscious mind, that’s runs your financial life. And as long as your financial mindset is frozen, it doesn’t matter what you do. There are many working money making systems out there and some of them really work very well. But only if your mindset is adjusted to wealth.

For example i had a client with a frozen financial mindset, just like you, and he wanted more money, so he started with FOREX. This is the Foreign Currency Exchange, and, which means electronically buying currencies and selling them with a profit. He studied for several years and practised every day on a test account, and when he went ‘live’, he failed and lost 3000 dollars. Why? Because his financial mindset was programmed freezing cold and programmed for wealth.

Then he came to me and asked for help, after telling his story, and I gave him a HypnoMillionaire Hypnosis session that would help him change his subconscious money programming. After listening 3 times to this 45-minute hypnosis session, he started to feel different about money and after saving money to top up his FOREX trading account, he felt different about money and made wiser decisions. He finally started to make profits and the last I heard was that he had quadrupled  his money.

On a subconscious level, he had a problem with money and that changed permanently after doing just listening to a single session a couple of times.

So check out this  HypnoMillionaire hypnosis session here. It will help you change your financial mindset quickly into a burning hot financial mindset and it actually helps you making more money.

Michel Lejeune


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