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Special report: How you are being brainwashed to stay poor!

You are being brainwashed

Every day of the week your brain is literally being bombarded with sneaky subliminal messages that brainwash you and prevent you of achieving your financial freedom!

Michel Lejeune in office
Date: Tuesday, April 20, 2021
RE: Reprogram your brain for wealth

By: Michel Lejeune

Dear reader,

Did you know that worldwide hundreds of thousands of people like you are losing their jobs, their houses and are heading for a personal bankruptcy even before the summer?

A lot of people will have to spend their days literally in the cold or forced in shelters or with family, awaiting Court approved repayment plans, while in the meantime they lose their belongings to seizures by judicial officers and banks.

And yet… this financial crisis also ensures that hundreds of thousands of people will become millionaires in that exact same period!

What is going on? How is that possible?

If you’d ask me, I’d say it has to do with what goes on in people’s minds…

Are you also brainwashed

It’s evening, you arrive home from work (if you’re lucky to still have a job), it’s warm and cozy at home, the television set is playing, you’re going to watch a movie or maybe your favorite show later tonight.

You see happy children, jumping around in a commercial to go to an amusement park. And your children would like that too and ask you “when are we going?”

Another commercial comes along with tomorrow’s supermarket offers. You recognize the tune, you see a happy family dining together… What do you think you’ll be buying for dinner tomorrow?

In the mailbox there’s a colorful leaflet stating that you’ve won a car! In earlier years most people would fall for it… and unfortunately they still do. Another leaflet tells you that you have been pre-approved for a  $10,000 loan without the need for a credit check!

And a furniture store promises that you can finally buy that new sofa and you’ve only have to pay late next year with zero percent interest!

Or on the television you see a provider of mobile telephony telling about the huge advantages and how much discount you will receive when you sign a contract for a year. Do you already have the newest iPad or iPhone?

Wow, you feel rich! And then you also hear that you can capitalize the surplus value on your house, so you can make your dream come true and you’ll be able to pay for that luxurious vacation…. Wow, you ARE rich!

Until you wake up one day bankrupt and you’ve got no idea how it got to that. Debts have grown, problems are getting out of control. How on earth are you going to pay for it all?

And every single day you are being bombarded with sneaky subtle messages aiming to influence your subconscious. The result is you’re spending way more money that you actually have.

You appear to be rich, but you aren’t! You’ve lost the battle of who’s in charge of your subconscious. And now it’s about time to win.

Within two months I got a a new partner and I gained $20,000

I’m self-employed without employees and because of the crisis my income decreased a lot. I was about to give up, I didn’t see any other options. Then I heard of Michel Lejeune through an offer on and asked him for help.

He advised me to listen to a session to boost my financial creativity. And miraculously after the first time listening I came up with the most amazing money making ideas.

I talked about one of my ideas to others and within 8 weeks I had a new partner and someone investing 20 thousand dollars.

Michel, great stuff! Thank you



Look, you may work hard, give it your best or maybe you’ve got more than one job to make ends meet. But the answer isn’t about hard work. Sometimes people say you have to work SMART instead of hard. And yes, I think you’re pretty smart, so that’s not the problem either.

And since you’re a decent person you won’t go robbing a bank. After all, who wants to spend years in a small room?

We’re living in a communication era and anywhere you go, advertisers and others bombard you with messages to influence your brain and that influencing leads to financial problems, repayment plans, bankruptcy, poverty and worse.

We will have to reverse this overflow of information and make sure that we influence our brain with a positive flow that will bring welfare and wealth into our lives.

Absolutely fantastic

Hi Michel,

I've never experienced this before. I was not aware what advertising did to me and what a negative impact it had on me.

Your sessions help me to get my mind on a very different track. It seems like I have a lot more money left,  while I used to have no idea what took all my money! This is really absolutely fantastic! Brilliant!

Greetings from Mieke



It may sound impossible, but SERIOUSLY, it’s not!

Everyone … literally everyone … can reverse its course and become richer than ever, regardless of your level of education, your thinking level, or your background.

The secret lies in what you put in your head. I use hypnosis to influence the subconscious mind in a way that you are going into the direction you want consciously.

From childhood I have been involved with hypnosis and since 2006, I am internationally certified hypnotherapist and became an expert in the field of the human subconscious. I have helped thousands of people achieve their goals and people approach me daily for solutions to their problems.

Hypnosis is actually a very simple method for people like you and me. Once you start, you will almost fall off your chair (figuratively speaking) when you notice how fast you make great leaps forward, and how easily you can achieve your goals, because now your subconscious mind is working 24 hours a day for YOU, instead of working for the advertisers.

Do you want all of this without loans or debt?

Do you want this too without loans or debt?

With hypnosis we can let people move like a chicken on stage, cure diseases, erase addictions and many more. Hypnosis opens the door to unlimited wealth by helping you become super creative in terms of getting money making ideas, make realistic plans that transform your ideas into reality and it makes you  unstoppable. You will get an unstoppable motivation and drive to achieve your financial goals.

Just as any millionaire remain calm and focused sharply, you will be using hypnosis to achieve the exact same. You’re going to see financial opportunities that produce real wealth, and you develop a good balance between making money and spending money.

Hypnosis works because it helps you store and recall new information so that you are one with it and you can get the best out of yourself and use your full potential quickly. It is a way to quickly erase wrong thoughts from your system that block your efforts to earn more money.

You are going to manage your money better and by doing so, you’ll create a ‘vacuum’ which attracts money like a magnet. You will be a confident person that handles any large amount of money easily.


What does this mean to you?

This means that you can live a life full of wealth and freedom, with minimal efforts and minimal investment, even before you realize it!

Are you ready to

Are you ready to





I am proud to present

Hypno Millionaire - Program yourself for Wealth in 6 steps

Step 1 - Everything starts with a profitable idea

Step 2 - Develop a burning business passion

Step 3 - Develop a rock solid selfbelief

Step 4 - Develop a laser focus

Step 5 - Create an unstoppable work ethic


Please read what one of my clients has to say:

I'm grateful to you forever

Dear Michel ,

At first I was a bit skeptical because I didn't know what to expect from your program . I've seen videos like The Secret and had actually given up hope because it sounds all nice but ultimately did little.

The sessions of your program are very nice. Your voice is nice and clear, and the music is soothing. After having done part 1 for two weeks every day , I saw countless possibilities to make money. Something I had never had previously. I have discussed this with a few friends and they laughed about it. Not out of fun, but the huge potential that they suddenly saw too.

I 'm working on part two now and I'm working on making a realistic planning now for three ideas I got. I’m working with someone from the local Chamber of Commerce here in the north of the country.  He literally said that these ideas seem very realistic and have a huge potential.

I can already smell the success and I already feel a lot richer. I 'm sure the financial wealth will follow quickly. I am grateful forever and I will keep you informed.



With nearly 4.5 hours of valuable hypnosis sessions, you program yourself for success and wealth. All material has been developed from my 7-year investigation into what it is exactly … that makes rich people rich. With this program, you will copy the millionaire mind properties directly into your own mind. Into YOUR system. So you can realistically expect millionaire results quickly. You can finally get the success you’ve always dreamed of.

The success you DESERVE!

This program is pure and compact. There is no fluff or filler. This is the real deal. Once you have experienced the transforming effect of this program, you will find that you will realize a fantastic income.

And maybe you think that this program is going to cost hundreds of dollars because the six sessions of this program typically have a value of $79.99 each so that the total value of this program would be 6 x 79.99 = $ 479.94.

But that’s not what I’m going to ask (although this amount would be, as you’ll find out for yourself, more than worth it).

ATTENTION: When you take action today you will get the following bonuses in addition to the entire six-part Hypno Millionaire Program:

Bonus 1 - Think like a millionaire

Bonus 2 - Develop your inner millionaire

Bonus 3 - Millionaire Money Management


Bonus 4 - Six bissation sessions


So what is the real value of all of this?

The real value of all of this

But of course that is not what you pay for this complete program plus bonuses. You do not pay $ 809.85 to even start today … no, if you take action right now, you can get this powerful program to be rich for just…

$ 809.85 … $ 697 … 
$ 397

So you save over $412 when you take action today!

Do you know why opportunities are NEVER lost?

There is a famous English saying that says: “Opportunities are never lost; someone will take the one you miss.”

In short,  if you don’t take action on this very real opportunity to better your life today — someone else will.

And that someone could be generating  a LOT of money with their new subconscious millionaire mind programming working for them very soon. Do you want to stay stuck, while someone else takes the steps to complete financial freedom and wealth?

You do not have to. You now have the chance to finally build your dreams, from the comfort of your own home.

True financial freedom is a real possibility once you understand how to program yourself for wealth.

And all you need to know to get started with it is now here …

It’s like having your own private hypnotist because I point you straight to success!


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Live with unlimited possibilities!
Michel Lejeune
Handtekening Michel Lejeune

P.S.: remember that you can download all sessions plus bonuses, to program yourself for success and riches, already today. Find out how powerful these sessions really are!

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YES Michel! I am ready now to program myself for Success and Richess!

Vinkje Ja
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Vinkje Ja
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